The Irish American Heritage Museum is a permanently chartered 501(c)3 non-profit with an educational mission. The Irish American Heritage Museum explores the contributions, history, and culture of Irish people in America; and fosters dialogue and exchange between America and Ireland today. By sharing our stories, we strive to create connections and community between all Americans, as we appreciate and study the universality of the immigrant story in American history.

As such, the Museum is unique in America, where almost 36 million individuals claim Irish ancestry.It is committed to the basic tenet that preserving one’s heritage is vital to providing a cultural and historical foundation to future generations of Americans.

Our museum in Albany, New York, provides year-round access, especially by school groups, to our exhibits, our Paul O’Dwyer Library, lectures, presentations, film screenings, book signings and other special programs.

The Museum was an integral force in requiring instruction in New York State’s public schools about the Irish Famine of 1845-1853. Further, we are the first Museum of its kind here in America to have exhibited at the National Library in Dublin.


  • Elizabeth Stack, PhD - Executive Director.

Elizabeth has joined us from Fordham University where she taught Irish-American History and was am Associate Director of the Institute of Irish Studies. She has presented her research at various national conferences here and in Ireland. A native of Listowel, in Co. Kerry, she is delighted to lead the museum in its cultural and educational initiatives.

  • Caroline Stark - Administrative and Membership Services
  • Carolyn Kolysko - Shop and Guest Services

Executive Board

Mike Reilly - Board Chair
Liam McNabb - Vice Chair
Pat Hale - Treasurer
Don Kelly - Secretary

Current Board of Trustees

  • Margaret Lasch Carroll
  • Diane Conroy-LaCivita
  • Todd Girvin
  • Pat Hale - Treasurer
  • Don Kelly - Secretary
  • Daniel F. Herring
  • Lew Houghtaling
  • Don Kelly
  • Christopher McCarthy
  • Denise Murphy McGraw
  • Liam McNabb - Vice Chair
  • Peter O’Connell
  • Mike Reilly - Chair
  • Dan Spicer

We are very grateful to all of our sponsors for their continued support of our education and cultural mission.


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